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NID Entrance Exam
Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is a national-level entrance examination held annually by the National Institute of Design for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate design programs. On its three campuses, it only has 275 places available in its M.Des programs and just roughly 100 seats available in its B.Des programs. Only those applicants who cut NID DAT (Prelims) admission can participate in NID DAT (Mains). Candidates who succeed in both admission rounds can enroll in design programs at NID, Ahmedabad, and its regional campuses. Prepare for NID as earlier as possible.

Best preparation strategies
You must think creatively about everyday products because NID highly values design and art. Practice drawing everyday objects because you might not be asked to remove anything from a sci-fi future. But understanding how things work daily will be crucial. Consider the small features of commonplace items. You might be asked, with an emphasis on product creation, what a ball pen is constructed of. If you want to ace the exams, your pen should move as quickly as your thoughts. Express yourself clearly and promptly, yet at lightning speed! Small thumbnail sketches should be completed initially, followed by light hand work, and finally, dry colors such as ballpoint pens, pencils, crayons, etc.

Plan which section you’ll try first, second, and so on because time is of the essence. NID admission focuses primarily on aesthetics and understanding how a design is formed and how it functions, while knowledge of engineering drawings is helpful. You will encounter more everyday objects, so pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Draw everything you see in your environment or quickly copy reference images.

How can we help
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