The Top NATA / JEE Coaching Centre in Kerala

Excellent and dedicated NATA coaching classes in Calicut organized through Vismayam College of Art & Media, near Pavamani Road orient and test the candidate on these qualities in a 21 day span raising manifold the chances of the student to succeed in the NATA qualifier examination.

The testimonial for this claim lies in the results for last season (2014) where the first 4 ranks were bagged by students who utilized NATA coaching classes from Vismayam college of Art & Media, Calicut.

Vismayam College of Art & Media, a premiere institution in the Malabar region, under the auspices of it’s

Architecture department, started providing NATA coaching classes in Calicut from 2007 on wards and have successfully trained over 2500 candidates towards their chosen career path. NATA coaching classes from Vismayam college are conducted by experienced architect and engineering faculties that accounts for the large percentage of qualifiers within the first one hundred NATA winners. The team of specialist coaches employ an exam oriented style that improves the confidence level of the candidate remarkably and establishes how easy it really is to take the NATA test.

Our Coaching Specialities

  • Drawing

  • Observation

  • Sense of proportion

  • Aesthetic sensitivity

  • Critical thinking ability

  • Mathematics skill


NATA / National Aptitude Test In Architecture

” I call Architecture frozen music” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the German writer hinting at the highly aesthetic and artistic element inherent in the field of Architecture study.

The study of architecture actually relates to the art and science of designing buildings and involves planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambiance to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic considerations. It requires the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology and, also, of light and shadow.

For the aspiring student on the look out for a career in this field, it is mandatory for him/ her to undertake the NATA or National Aptitude Test in Architecture that will test the following skills like Drawing, Logical thinking / Reasoning, Mathematics, Architecture awareness, General Knowledge, etc.