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Is that hard NIFT situation exams?

NIFT Situation exams assess creativity and material handling skills in aspirants. Candidates are designated to build a model using the materials provided to demonstrate their design skills. Additionally, they are required to write an English caption for their description. This can display students’ ability to be a part of NIFT. You will only be able to pass NIFT if you pass the NIFT Situation exams.

The model will be judged based on space visualization, unique and creative use of a given material, element composition, color scheme, building expertise, and so on. There are several reasons for rejection in NIFT Situation Exams:

NIFT Situation exams


  1. The model created is unrelated to the topic chosen.
  2. The model does not fit the description.
  3. Lack of time management results in an incomplete model.
  4. Candidates who reveal their identities by writing personal information or placing identification marks on the model/design/write-up.

So, it is up to you and your practice to pass your NIFT Situation Test. If you require expert guidance and preparation for the NIFT Situation Test, you can enroll in NIFT Situation Coaching Class. The secret to passing the NIFT Situation Test is practice. With enough exercise, you can organize your time and create any model using the materials and equipment available. Finally, you will be prepared to face your Situation Test.

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Observe things around you, such as leaves, tables, chairs, cars, human features, and so on, and try to get inspiration from them. Consider a topic and what models you can create to represent the tone, look, and feel of that topic/product/item. Reviewing past year’s NIFT Situation Test questions gives you a sense of what to expect in the Situation Test. Consider a concept, sketch what you have in mind, and then try to recreate it using various materials. Experiment with different materials to learn how to cut them and combine them with others.

The NIFT Entrance Exam is reasonably large and requires outstanding speed for students to increase efficiency. It would be best if you worked at your pace. If you cannot execute rapidly, your excellent design skills and inventiveness will be ineffective. The key goal is to demonstrate your originality and creativity quickly. As nervousness slows you down, ensure you can perform things smoothly without feeling nervous.