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       How can you improve material handling for the NIFT situation test?

The NIFT Situation Test preparation is time-consuming since it evaluates both your material handling and creative talents. Additionally, there is fierce competition for this test. Therefore, you should take great caution on your way to the NIFT Situation Test.NIFT Situation Test is a test that evaluates your creative, innovative, and material handling skills.

All candidates for the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree who passed the written NIFT Entrance Exam are required to take the NIFT Situation Test. This examination is held at the designated NIFT Campus. 20% of the total exam weight is assigned to the Situation Test. So, let’s take a look at tips to improve material handling for NIFT situation tests.

Check the syllabus

One of the main areas of the Situation Test methodology is material handling. Thus, your goal should be to use the materials provided to you in a wise and sensible manner. Make sure you first have a complete understanding of the syllabus. This will guarantee that you don’t waste time learning things that aren’t important. Follow the guidelines for material handling

Increase your creativity

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The entire purpose of the entrance is to use creativity while working within a time and resource limit. Setting trends and having an eye for detail are key components of design. It helps you grasp ideas if you are a good observer in your everyday life. Being creative with color, materials, textures, or fabrics is advantageous. The variety of materials you use indicates how effectively you are using the components in unique and inventive ways to create your model.


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Only through practice and perseverance can one strengthen their material handling skills. You must be aware of every piece of information that could be presented during the NIFT Situation Test. You must practice creating models using all available materials, including clay, thermocol, and paper. Keep practicing while keeping track of the time because managing time is another crucial skill needed to ace the Situation Test.

Time management

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Within a strict two-hour deadline, you must finish your model and include a proper caption and English description. A good time management strategy will greatly help you succeed in the situation test. Hence, you must spend as much time as possible improving your skills in handling materials and thinking creatively.