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nata sketching exam

NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) is an annual exam administered by the Council of Architecture (COA). The NATA score is required for admission to a good architecture college. A candidate must prepare thoroughly for this exam to achieve a high score and secure a place in the best architecture colleges. This exam is one of the most significant in the journey of realizing one’s dreams for any aspiring architect. The Nata test is split into 2 parts: a paper-based sketch test and an online computer-based test for aesthetic sensitivity.

The NATA sketching exam is a 135-minute test with three questions. The NATA sketching exam has a total weightage of 125 marks. This exam is paper-based and consists of three questions worth 55, 35, and 35 points, respectively. The sketch test will be conducted on A4 paper.

Most candidates believe that the NATA sketching exam is simple; however, the following points should be emphasized:

  • Sense of perspective
  • Scale and proportion
  • Light and shadow effects
  • 3-D drawing
  • Memory drawing

Here are some pointers to enable you to manage your time in the NATA sketching exam

  • Take 5 minutes to thoroughly read the questions. Make a list of the components necessary for each question.
  • Begin with the question of perspective. Take 5 minutes and decide your view regarding the test. Don’t start drawing right away. Make a work to finish your sketch in 45 minutes or less. If you are unable to complete it, disregard it and proceed to the next question.
  • For 2D, make a rough sketch on a scrap of paper, and then transfer it to your main drawing sheet. This should take no more than 10 minutes. Fill it out in the next 15 minutes and move on to the next question.
  • Complete the entire question in 35 minutes for 3d.

So now you have 15 minutes to fill in any blanks in any of the queries! Try solving papers with these time constraints.

Passing NATA is the first step toward realizing one’s dream of becoming an architect. Start practising and make preparations enthusiastically, keep a calm mind when giving your exam, and you will undoubtedly pass the NATA exam with flying colours!