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A guide to the NATA aptitude test

NATA aptitude test

The National Architecture Test is the significant exam that anyone aspiring to become a professional architect must pass. NATA is a competitive test arranged at the national level. An organization called NIASA (National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture), which is associated with the Council of Architecture (CoA), organizes the exam. NATA is required for admission to universities with architecture bachelor’s degree programs. The section of NATA aptitude test assesses your observational skills, sensory perceptions and aesthetic sensitivity, logical thought, and critical thinking abilities.


The most successful way to crack the exam is to develop and execute a proper NATA aptitude test preparation plan. Therefore, here are the latest NATA preparation tips to help NATA applicants ace the NATA exam with ease.


Make sure to practice every day and study

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Candidates must read preparation books and study materials each day without fail. They must keep updating themselves every day and revise the topics which are due on a specific date. Candidates must avoid taking days off because this will lead to a blurred memory of all they have learned. Candidates should devote themselves to the preparation process and should focus only on clearing the examination.


Utilize old question papers to practice

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Taking the older version of the test will give you an insight into the format of the NATA exams. In preparation for the NATA exam syllabus, candidates should decide on the books/study materials they need to collect for preparation and collect them in advance. 


Make a Better Timetable

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Aspirants must consider every aspect of the preparation process and devote adequate time to each portion, such as completing the syllabus, revising finished parts, making preparations for previous question papers, and so on. 


Take Mock tests

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Start taking mock tests in Maths and Aptitude to assess your level of preparation. Having taken mock tests will assist you in determining where you are falling short and how to achieve better. This is how you can get good grades on the NATA aptitude test. 


Time management 

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Always make good use of your time. Complete the less time-consuming tasks first, and then move on to the more time-consuming questions.