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NATA Exam Preparation Tips

nata exam preparation tips

Well-structured study schedules and preparation strategies are the keys to success in preparing for architecture entrance exams like the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. It is the national examination that is conducted by the council of architecture for admissions to B.Arch. Courses offered by various institutions in India. Taking the NATA 2022 exam preparation tips – with the number of candidates rising every year and the exam is offered three times a year.

The most important thing for you to be successful in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture is to plan out an effective study schedule. Furthermore, you must focus on your strengths and weaknesses and allocate your time appropriately. Following are some of the NATA exam preparation tips and strategies which will help you ace the NATA exam.

An ideal timetable

The candidates must consider all parts of the preparation process, ensuring that they set aside adequate time for each, such as completing the syllabus, reviewing the completed parts, and preparing from old question papers. Having a balance between these components will ensure success.

nata exam preparation tips

Get in touch with your tutor

A teacher’s assistance is a helpful way for a candidate to clear doubts and obtain valuable information regarding where they are making mistakes. Teachers can easily identify where a candidate is struggling and the candidate can overcome obstacles while studying for an exam.

nata exam


Revision is essential

During the preparation for any admission examination, revision is vital. It assists in recalling all of the formulae, ideas, and theories covered in the test. It is crucial that candidates review their studies on a regular basis, even if they have studied all material on the curriculum. By doing so, you will be able to stay up-to-date on everything on the syllabus. Also, be sure to pay attention to things you tend to forget

Enhance your time management skills and speed

In order to pass the exam, speed, precision, and time management are essential. A candidate must be able to handle all three of these aspects simultaneously. There is a tendency for candidates to skip over questions, not because they cannot answer them, but because they ran out of time. In order to succeed on the test, students need to learn time management techniques and answer questions correctly.

Bring Your Imagination & Creativity to Life

Studying for a career in the design industry requires a high level of imagination and creativity, and you must be able to push your skills to the limit. It is essential to practice sketching if you want to get into the top architecture schools.  Begin with the easy sketches and work your way up.

nata exam

Make Short Notes

Short notes are a great idea while studying as they allow you to review one or more subjects quickly while saving you time as well as helping you to keep the ideas fresh in your mind so you can refer to those notes whenever you like.   

nata exam preparation tips

Test yourself by taking mock tests

A mock test is an essential part of the preparation as it gives candidates a sense of what to expect on the actual entrance examination. As a result, the candidates can also assess their current preparation and ensure that they do not repeat the same mistakes, thus increasing their chances of scoring good marks.

Plan a healthy schedule

It is imperative that the candidates take care of their physical health along with a well-planned exam preparation schedule. The students’ sleep should not be compromised in any way, as it will allow them to absorb information better and also ensure they have a healthy diet since they need to be in good health to perform effectively.


Successfully clearing an entrance examination can only be achieved through excellent preparation. Generally, the more dedicated a candidate is to prepare for an examination, the better the results. The tips and strategies provided here can help candidates prepare for the NATA exam 2022.