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NATA Exam Dos and Don'tsThe term ‘online exams’ refers to timed tests you take on your computer while proctoring software monitors your desktop, webcam, and audio. The NATA 2022 exam is extremely competitive – with the number of candidates increasing every year. In light of concerns regarding the pandemic, NATA 2022 will only be offered in online mode.
Registered candidates can sit for the examination at any computer-based testing centre in their area, or they can take the test from their home or any other location that is convenient for them. There are some guidelines outlined by the university to help candidates pass the test without a hassle. In this blog, we cover both the nata exam Dos and Don’ts when taking the test.
The benefits of an online exam
Technology has improved the quality of our lives in tough times by allowing us to conduct online courses and exams. Moreover, conducting exams online has a variety of benefits, such as convenience, cost savings, instant, accurate results, anti-cheating technology, and a variety of different types of exams, such as short answers, lengthy answers, and multiple-choice questions. During these financially challenging times, this is even more useful for students since they do not have to travel from one place to another to take exams as they can attend from anywhere. Last but not least, it is strongly advised to select a good online platform that is certified and trusted by major educational systems before you take any online exam.
Taking the nata exam dos and dont’s
• There should be enough lighting that will make the desk and chair visible to the proctors, and the desk should be placed against a plain background.
• An appropriate dress code must be followed by candidates.
• Any queries or difficulties can be directed to the help desk after obtaining permission from the proctors.
• Simple calculations can be performed using a battery-powered calculator. Nevertheless, they should not use scientific calculators.
• Before submitting the final test, test-takers should make sure they have answered all the questions correctly.
• Candidates should ensure that they have a UPS connected to their desktop computer if they are using a laptop during the test.
What not to do when taking the NATA online exam 2022
• The test should not be taken in a noisy environment or in a public place.
• The proctor should be the only person the candidates communicate with during the test.
• It is not allowed for candidates to bring any personal belongings to the Nata online exam, such as mobile phones, earphones, books, stationery, etc.
• It is not acceptable for test-takers to leave the testing area while the test is being administered.
• During the test, test-takers should not turn off their web cameras or microphones.
• During the online Nata test, candidates should not navigate to any other window.
• The computer should not be logged out or turned off during the test.