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The National Aptitude Test for Architecture 2022 is a national level test that is
administered twice a year by the Council of Architecture. Taking the National
Architecture Examination is a prerequisite for admission into the finest
architecture colleges across the country. Any aspirant seeking to become an
architect must qualify for the B. Arch admission process at the nation’s finest
architecture colleges.
Taking a NATA  exam online test can be a unique and confusing experience for some
students. This is because they are not sure what to expect and are not confident
in their ability to perform at their peak. Generally, students would complete a
virtual exam using similar steps to those they would engage in as they prepare
for an in-class test; however, there are some differences to consider in the
virtual environment that requires extra preparation.
Preparation is key to passing a NATA exam online 2022 test
• Revitension free nata online exam 2022ew and comprehend the test guidelines by checking the date and time, test duration and whether the test will be offered at home or on campus.
• Identify the types of questions included in the test, such as multiple-choice, multiple selections, and numerical answer questions.
• Take an online mock test, as it will be useful for when you finally take the
real exam, as you will see where you should concentrate and where you
need to improve.
• If you are using your laptop or a test computer in the lab, make sure your
the computer is working well before the exam and you will have Internet
• Consider your time and limit your time to the time you will have for the
actual test. Evaluate yourself, and determine how much time you’ll spend
on each question.
• Disable all IM, email, and phone notifications

set them to silent, and
turn off the TV and radio. It is advisable to notify your family that you
will be taking a test so that they will not disturb you.
• Take a look at all the writing implements you will need to take the test
and make sure that they work.
• Upon logging in, take a moment to breathe deeply, relax, and get focused.
The Online Exam: What To Focus On
▪ Watch your clock where you may set an alarm to alert you when you have
limited time remaining in your testing period.
▪ Don’t panic if you experience technical problems; instead, contact your
instructor right away and describe the problem and any error messages
that might have appeared.
▪ Ideally, you should only need to click submit once, but if you encounter
any difficulty, contact your instructor immediately and send your
intended answers as an attachment.
Post-Examination Review
➢ Check your progress: After you have completed your exam, review your
progress to see if there are any questions you missed. If possible, find the
answers to the questions that challenged you. Furthermore, analyse how
you used your strategies, note your observations, and keep them in mind
for the next time you take a test.
Final thoughts
A candidate can only succeed in clearing the entrance examination by
preparing adequately. A candidate’s results will be better if he or she prepares
thoroughly for the exam. The following tips and tricks can guide candidates on
how to prepare for the upcoming NATA  online exam 2022.