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The second largest industry in India is Construction Industry, after agriculture.And that explains the huge number of jobs and vacancies in the field. One such career that has boomed big lately is Architecture. Hence, these days you will see a lot aspirants working hard to crack entrance exams like NATA & JEE. But the question is, is there actually any scope when it comes to a successful architecture career? Is B.Arch really worth all the grind?

Way to a steady Architecture Career after B.Arch

You are going to invest precious time and energy while preparing for entrance exams such as NATA & JEE. And after that, you are going to invest 5 precious years into learning architecture. Thus, it makes perfect sense that you should know what all you can do when it comes to making a strong architecture career.

What will I study in Architecture?

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of a space.”- Louis Kahn

So you are going to learn every little and big thing that goes into making a thoughtfully designed structure, space or a society. Since architecture is both an art and science, know that you will learn things from both the streams.

Sketching, Drawing and colouring are as important as the knowledge of the origin, past and present of architecture. Also, you should have a solid database of construction-related terms and materials. Moreover, you will develop your business skills so that you manage your own future firm with ease.

You will learn

  • Theory of Structures
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Building Management
  • Building Construction
  • History of Architecture
  • Building Sciences and Services
  • Workshop Practice
  • Architectural Appreciation etc.
What skills should I develop to become an architect?

If you want to be an architect you should have

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Patience
  • sense of responsibility
  • communication skills
  • Flair to work in a team
  • Excellent observation skills
  • sharp memory and more.
What are the different options in architecture career?

There is literally a lot, lot on the plate! Well, to begin with, a successful internship almost always lands you a job! From there, it all depends on how you want to grow. You may choose to stay in the same firm to gain some years on CV. Or, you might have already started taking freelance projects so you might be looking out for new firms that offer you fresh concepts to learn and work with.

You can opt to work in big corporate firms that hire architects on a regular basis. Also, the salaries are big- we will come to that later. But if you have always thought of being a government employee, then FYI, you have scopes in Public Works Department, Housing & Urban Planning Corporation, Ministry of Defense and many other government departments.

After gaining a few years of experience, you can start own firm. Then you start managing your own office-right from client meets to site developments. Also, you can try teaching part-time along with your office work.

You can also be an interior designer or an architectural consultant. You can work in projects on houses, apartments, residences, hotels, stadiums, landscapes, townships, malls, shopping plazas, interiors of luxury carriers and many more!

And if you want to use your degree to make the world better all the more, get into teaching in universities or apply to archaeological departments. But if you think you need to learn more, you can pursue a Master’s degree and even a doctoral degree.

How much will I earn after all?

A lot! To begin with, your salary depends on your college as well. So it is no surprise that students from IITs earn as much as RS 5 lacs to Rs 8 lacs per year as starting salary package. With experience, it only keeps growing. Hence, choose your college wisely! To make it easier, secure a great score in NATA.

Architecture is not a one-man show; however, an architectural masterpiece is indeed the vision of one man. And with the right attitude, preparation and hard work, you can be that one gem of an architect!