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Attention aspiring architects, NATA 2024 presents a significant development: the return of the drawing section, valued at a substantial 80 marks. This reintroduction highlights the fundamental importance of drawing in architectural expression.

NATA 2024- Outlining key dates and procedures for aspiring B.Arch students

The Council of Architecture (CoA) has announced significant changes to the NATA 2024 examination

Key points:

Exam dates: Starting April 6, 2024, NATA will be conducted every Saturday and Sunday until July.

Registration: Applications will open on March 1, 2024.

Exam format: NATA 2024 will comprise two sections:
Drawing and Composition (online test): Assesses creative and visualization skills.
MCQ section (offline test): Covers Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and General Aptitude.

Multiple attempts: Candidates may choose to attempt any number of sessions within the given timeframe.

Best score considered: Only the highest score from the attempted sessions will contribute to the final evaluation.

Result and validity: NATA 2024 results will be released after the final session, with a maximum of three attempts allowed per candidate. Qualifying in NATA is mandatory for B.Arch admission in India, but individual colleges will conduct their own admission processes. Please note: No common counselling will be conducted for NATA 2024 qualified candidates.

NATA drawing syllabus 2024

The NATA drawing syllabus 2024 focuses on honing key skills vital for architectural visualization and spatial reasoning. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to:

Conceptualize and visualize: Build objects in your mind and translate them onto paper.

Comprehend scale and proportion: Ensure objects have realistic relationships in size.

Master basic geometry: Draw and combine fundamental shapes into complex compositions.

Perform form transformations: Imagine objects in different orientations and perspectives.

Generate diverse views: Create plan, elevation, and 3D representations.

Compose effectively: Arrange shapes and forms for balance and harmony.

Sketch urbanscapes, landscapes, and everyday objects from memory

Let’s break down the key aspects of the nata drawing syllabus 2024 to ensure you’re well-prepared for the upcoming challenge:Explaining the essential components of the NATA Drawing Syllabus 2024

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