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JEE Entrance exam

Aspirants who wish to get into engineering colleges must take the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) every year. Both the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced make up the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). In order to take the exam, candidates are required to have computer literacy. As one of the most challenging exams in the world, the JEE is widely recognized as one of the most difficult. The demanding nature of the exam rises year after year, as does the number of candidates who take it. JEE Preparation is necessary for students who want to get into top Architecture colleges to study B Arch and B Planning.


Before submitting the JEE Main application form, applicants should review the JEE Main eligibility criteria. Candidates taking JEE Main 2023 do not have an age limit. The Institute(s) in which students wish to enroll may require that they meet certain age requirements. Candidates who fail to meet the NTA JEE Main requirements for admission will be denied admission at a later stage. Students must have completed 12th grade or qualified for the exam by 2021 or 2022. Candidates taking their 12th or equivalent qualifying exams in 2023 can also apply.

Best preparation strategies

Divide the Syllabus: When preparing for your JEE Main test preparation, review the exam syllabus and divide it to find out how many units are in each subject. This will help you plan your study time for the JEE Main exam.
Please concentrate on the following major topics: It is critical to focus on the most important chapters in physics, mathematics, and chemistry, such as Iconic Buildings and their Architect. Based on previous year’s papers, you must compile a list of critical topics for JEE preparation. Vismayam has a strong pathway of making successful JEE candidates and offers all-inclusive study resources, qualified faculty, mock tests, and modified guidance. Our coaching center boasts a team of highly capable and qualified faculty members who specialize in JEE preparation.