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10 tips for how to crack NID

how to crack NID

The National Institute of Design is one of the foremost design institutes in India. Students who wish to become well-known designers aspire to study at this college. Students must pass prelims and the main exams to gain admission to the National Institute of Design. Therefore, a common question among students is to know how to crack NID entrance examination. So, it is crucial to understand how to crack NID entrance examination. So, let’s take a look at the best tips for the “how to crack NID” entrance examination.


  • Be artistic – The creativity to generate new and innovative ideas can help you achieve your goals. Take notice of everything around you and don’t be afraid to try something new.


  • Utilize the resources – Create a design using the resources available to you. Set up an alarm and attempt to complete the framework within the time limit.


  • Maintaining a schedule – You can complete the exam within the allotted time by planning and managing your time properly.


  • Speed up your work – Make sure you balance speed with accuracy when answering questions. The speed of your pencil must match the speed of your thoughts.


  • Solve sample papers – Candidates can gain a better understanding of the format of the questions and the difficulty level of the exam by completing the NID sample paper.


  • Maintain a good general knowledge base – Get a basic understanding of fine arts by reading newspapers, magazines, and the history of fine arts.


  • You should be confident – You must be confident in your answers or sketches during the test.


  • Draw with a light touch – Whenever you draw the answer to questions that require sketching, start with a light hand. A shade can be added once the proportions and outlines are satisfactory.


  • Practice NID mock test – It is best to practice the NID mock test to gain a good understanding of what you can expect on the real test. It will improve your confidence and help you cope with the stress of exams.


  • Maintain a healthy physical and mental state – Physical and mental fitness is significant for entrance exams. Get some rest, stay calm, and let go of your books before the exam.