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NATA examination over the years has seen a significant change to the examination that we all know. Started in 2006 by the council of architecture to help students avoid appearing in multiple aptitude tests what started as a year-round aptitude test is now a once-in-a-year entrance examination.

History and some important timeline

Until 2015, students could attempt the NATA examination multiple times a year. The best score was considered for admission. There was only a 60 minute online MCQ test and a 2-hour drawing test which consisted of 3 questions. The MCQ didn’t include mathematics as a subject. And the NATA score was valid for 2 years for admission at any college.

By 2016 the council of architecture decided to limit the number of times someone can attend NATA examinations per year. The maximum number of attempts per year was cut down to 5 times.

Changes in NATA examination (last 5 years)

In 2017 the NATA examination structure underwent a major reconstruction. The biggest change was the change from the exam being a year-round to a once-a-year competitive examination. In addition, Mathematics was added as part of the examination syllabus. Until then the MCQ was conducted in online mode. The examination shifted from online MCQ to offline mode. A 90 minute MCQ examination was introduced. The MCQ part was divided into 2 parts, Part one is 20 questions of 40 marks from Plus two mathematics, and part-2 is 40 questions from general aptitude. The drawing test time was cut short from the earlier 120 minutes to 90 minutes. The drawing test had 2 questions.

2018 was also a year of change for the NATA examination. The council of architecture bought significant changes to the examination. Until 2018 a combined aggregate of 50% marks was needed for eligibility. The new rule requires the candidate to have a minimum of 50% of marks in mathematics and 50% for all subjects combined. The validity of the NATA score from 2 years was reduced to a year.

Council of Architecture introduced physics and chemistry into the curriculum in 2019. To be eligible for the examination candidate must have at least 50% in physics, chemistry, and mathematics combined. The drawing test time was extended back to their original 120 minutes but with only 2 questions that is 40 marks each. Candidates could attend the examination twice and the best of 2 is taken into consideration for admission.

Recent changes in NATA examination

In 2020 the council of architecture had to make vital changes to the examination pattern due to the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic. The previously announced offline examination was changed to online mode. The drawing test section of the examination was withdrawn and replaced by an online test that consists of only MCQ questions that measure drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity, and critical thinking ability.

The new 2021 syllabus also follows the 2020 pattern. The examination is conducted via online mode only. The examination will be conducted in 2 parts and the result is a combination of both.

NATA 2021 syllabus highlights

 Online mode only
Maximum Marks
3 hours
Number of Questions
125 questions
Marking Scheme
1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks depending on question type
Negative Marking