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It is that time of the year- NATA Exam 2020 is round the corner and NATA aspirants are gearing up. And the Council of Architecture has announced the important dates and other details. So before we break it down for you, let us understand what NATA is about.


As you already know, NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture. For architecture aspirants, NATA is the filtering system. According to government regulations, the Council of Architecture conducts this entrance exam to ensure minimum requisites in future architecture students. Since it is a five- year course, it becomes mandatory to regulate the admission process under strict guidelines. So basically what happens is, students, appear for an entrance exam and have to secure minimum pass marks to be eligible for the course.

Now, what changes has the CoA made for this year’s NATA exam?

NATA Exam 2020: The Details

Did they change the exam structure this year? What about the marks distribution? To begin with, the CoA will conduct NATA twice this year. Here are all the details for this year’s NATA examination.

NATA Exam 2020: Questions

You will be attempting a one- day online examination, irrespective of whether it is the first exam or the second. The whole question paper will have two parts- Part A and Part B. Here, Part -A will have drawing-based questions, whereas Part- B will have objective type questions on chemistry, physics, mathematics and general aptitude. Naturally, you will attempt Part-B online.

NATA Exam 2020: Marks Distribution

Since Part – A will be testing your drawing aptitude, you will have to attempt three questions, out of which two questions will carry 35 marks each. And the third question will carry 55 marks. Hence, Part- A will carry a total of 125 marks.

These questions will not work out online- you will attempt these on an A4 size paper.

Now, Part – B will be having fifty (50) multiple-choice questions. Each of these questions carries 1.5 marks. Here, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will dominate 15 questions. And the remaining 35 questions will be on General Aptitude and Reasoning. Thus, Part- B will carry 75 marks.

There is no negative marking, so that’s a relief! Also, both NATA exams will follow the same pattern.

NATA Exam 2020: Time Duration

For Part – A, you will get 135 minutes, whereas, for Part- B, you will get 45 minutes. So in a 3 hour- 15 minutes examination, where do the remaining 15 minutes apply? Well, those 15 minutes will be an intermission, or break, between Part – A and Part- B. These stay the same for the second NATA exam as well.

NATA Exam 2020: Dates and Time

This year, NATA exams are scheduled on the dates 19.04.2020 ( Sunday) and 31.05.2020 (Sunday), from 10:00, am to 1: 15 pm. On both the days, Part- A will be conducted from 10:00 am to 12:15 pm, whereas after a 15- minutes break (12:15 pm to 12:30 pm), Part – B will be from 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm.

However, you need to understand certain points before you attempt the NATA Exam 2020.

  • Since Part – A carries 125 marks, it is important that you practice drawing a great deal.

  • Generally, the drawing questions are about light & shadow effect, perspectives, proportional sketching, colouring and rendering.

  • More than one examiner will evaluate the drawing questions.

  • Qualifying NATA Exam 2020 will not ensure your automatic admission to architecture colleges- you have to carry out respective admission procedures independently.

  • However, you have to qualify in NATA exam to be eligible for enrolling in B.Arch course in a CoA recognized college.

For more details such as syllabus, application procedure and admission eligibility, click here and here.