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NATA exams are the benchmark when it comes to securing admission into an architecture college in India. And like many hopefuls who attend this exam, you may also want to be one among the NATA 2019 top scorers in India. Of course, this year gave two opportunities for candidates- one in April and the second one, upcoming, in July.

Now, if you have already appeared for the April exam, all you can do is CLICK HERE! But, if you plan to attempt it once again, then here are some quick pointers. Follow these and who knows, you may be one of the NATA 2019 top scorers in India.

Be one of the NATA 2019 top scorers in India..


Its only a matter of a month and half- the second chance at cracking NATA 2019 is around. So, make sure you are ready to make it into the architecture college of you choice. How? Go through these simple tips.

1. Don’t procrastinate!

Like seriously, this time around, make sure you stick to your schedule! You have mathematics to be taken care of- and then the general aptitude as well. Since the countdown has already begun, make sure keep practicing and reading.

All NATA 2019 top scorers in India have one thing in common- perseverance. Also, the three hours are crucial- you have to be quick yet smart while attempting the exam. How will that happen?

By keeping up with routine practice.

2. Seek Help.

If you are registering for the second time to crack NATA this year, then most probably your first attempt didn’t quite help you in sealing the deal. And if that is the case, the best thing is to seek help.

Obviously, you cannot take any chance at this stage. Thus, to be among NATA 2019 top scorers in India, it only makes sense to enroll yourself for a crash course at any of the leading NATA coaching centres.

Having said so, don’t compromise on the quality. If a comparitively farther NATA coaching centre offers better results prospects, don’t hesitate and rush!

3. Gather and use resources.


A good NATA coaching centre houses many reference books and digital resources. Not only does it help in precisely covering the probable areas in a better manner, but it also increases your chances of a better score.

A typical NATA exam has questions from mathematics. In that area, you have to derive the correct answer quickly. And to help you with that, there are many reference textbooks available in the market. Combine those with intense practice and it becomes smooth as butter!

However,the general aptitude area is a bit tricky. You may expect any type of question- from monuments to building materials, to visualizations and reasoning. In fact, at times, tradition construction methods as well as modern sustainable efforts are also possible areas.

Therefore, it is better to keep a track and be in touch with various such elements and architecture developments. Even thought going through such magazines or journals may help you, but a NATA coaching centre definitely ups the game for you.

4. Keep drawing.


You know pretty well that the drawing session of NATA often emerges as the tie-breaker. So, you don’t want to take any chances with those questions.

For that to happen, make sure you are thorough with your tools- the pencils, paper and pencil colors. Also, techniques are equally important when it comes to perspectives from defined views or rendering techniques.

The fact that you have to create a scene from your imagination on the spot-and alos render it to your advantage- calls for mightly practice sessions. And typically, in this scenar


io, the NATA 2019 top scorers in India generally attribute their success to an efficient NATA Coaching centre.

Mock tests, practice sessions, expert interactions- all are icings to your NATA dream cake. And all these happen when you join a good NATA coaching centre.

It is always better to train under professionals when you don’t want to take any chances. Cracking NATA is pleasant, no doubt. But, being one of the NATA 2019 top scorers in India? That’s something else!