What makes Changi Airport, Singapore, the best airport in the world for the sixth time in a row in 2018? That too, declared by prestigious bodies such as Airport World, Business Traveller and Skytrax World Airport awards? Well, it seems, the answer lies in the clever architecture and thoughtful airport design!



For an airport to be touted as a travel destination in itself, there must be something more than what meets the eye! Here are some features that make Changi Airport worth the hype.

1. Intelligent Airport Design

The airport has astonishing features in terms of design!. A lot of metal and glass has gone into the making of the terminals. So to preserve the tropical touch of Singapore, one can see wooden claddings on columns and a lot of tropical bright tones and shades in the airport interiors. Also, true to the climate, interior landscape is a major element-but more on that later.

Computerized system controls the lighting and varying heat zones regulate the air-conditioning. And that, in effect, creates an intelligent structure!

2. Climate- specific Architecture

The shape, form and size of terminals cater to the climatic demands in such a way that light enters without the heat and shade retains cooling. So, sun-orientation was the major factor while deciding the elongated cantilever roof for terminal-3. And the facade design is another feature which allows sunlight to enter and resists the infrared heat rays, ultimately adding to lower indoor temperatures!

All of this, plus those multiple units indoors that create mini ecological units, makes this airport a perfect eco-spot!

3. Thermal and Light controls


The beautiful Butterly louvres in the cantilever roof of Terminal -3 are quite a sight! The openings self- adjust to allow required daylight inside. Also they help in regulating the internal cooling, since the air-cooling works according to air temperatures at many levels.

Furthermore,these also have parabolic reflectors that diffuse the sunlight and reduce the glare. Add to it, the lightweight advantages of Bondek Roof system that makes load bearing task seem like breeze!

The low E- coefficient of glass panels (major element in construction) screens the light to bring the heat level down right when it enters the building.

4. Green Airport design

This airport is quite famous for its green walls, especially Terminal -3. SInce Singapore has a tropical climate, the best of its features can be seen in the interiors. And Green walls are lush vertical landscapes that add the earthly charm and provide a freshness to ambience.

Green roofs and rainforest canopies are other interesting points to note. And why not, since the design concept is “City in a Garden”.

5. Gardens and more

The airport contains charming landscape gardens in each terminal that improve indoor air quality. Also, these garden create a calm and serene joint for tired passengers to relax. And some of these have amazingly active ecosystems flourishing in these spaces!

Terminal-1 has Cactus Garden and Lily-Pad garden. The cactus garden has more than 100 species of cacti and other desert plants. The lily-pad garden uses rain water wonderfully resulting in an airy garden for people to cool-off into!


Some of the gardens in other terminals are the Orchid Garden, the Sunflower Garden, the Enchanted Garden and the Butterfly Garden.

By the way, do you know how many butterfly species exist in the butterfly garden? Well, more than 1000 butterfiles from above 40 species!

6. People-friendly features

Visit the airport to know how user- friendly its services are! The People Movement System, Airport Hotel, The Changi Skytrain are some of the services that make the airport experience smooth for the users.

Obviously, sustainable airport design works totally in the favour of man and his environment. And here, the joy lies in the way man exists harmoniously with nature- surprisingly- in an airport!