NATA 2018 has gone and now its time to prepare for NATA 2019. And if you have already made up your mind to crack NATA, there are things to know. So when you chalk out your plans, make sure you focus enough on Drawing Test preparation. Of course, aptitude tests do check your equation with numbers and buildings. But your drawing has a big, big role in your NATA Score. Read on for quick tips on how to improve your pencil marks.

Drawing test preparation: what tools should I use?


What things do you need to draw anything? Yes, a paper and a pencil! Besides, you will also use Pencil Color to render sketches in NATA Drawing test. Here, I have a question for you. How many pencils do you think are out there?

Start with basic drawing

It becomes easy quite easy in your head when you already know that you are pretty okay with drawing. Hence, to begin with, first drop this idea itself! Yes, you have to start from scratch-like a baby taking her first step. Now, the best way to go about it is, unlearn and relearn.

Forget what you have been doing all your school life in drawing classes. NATA means taking it to the next level. Start sketching from basics. Take, for example, a chair nearby and observe its fine details before you start sketching it. You have to imitate what you see. Also, don’t hesitate to refer the object again and again. Gradually you will see for yourself how your observational skills improve along with the drawing. Which takes us to the next segment of the blog-Perspectives.

Perceiving the perspectives

All the tongue-twisting apart, perspectives are simple drawings that show a scenario from a fixed visual point in a way that it relates to its surrounding field. And so in this type of drawings you want to replicate the exact scene in front of you, including the depths, on the paper. Sounds quite complicated, right? Well, it is not!

When you begin, don’t go far-look around you. Fix a simple setting and start sketching it. Obviously, it may not be perfect in your first attempt-that is why you need to keep working on it. Of course, a huge step ahead is to enrol in a NATA coaching centre where your mentors correct your mistakes on the spot.

2-D or 3-D??

An important step in drawing test preparation is to understand the difference between a two dimensional and a three-dimensional drawing. Also, keep your head clear and focus only on the type of drawing you attempt, one at a time. Here, patience is the key to a successful drawing test preparation. A lot, lot of practice goes into really achieving that feat. And if you train with a good NATA coaching centre, this is quite taken care of.

Render, colour-this or that?

For your NATA exams, you don’t have to carry your acrylics and poster colours to your exam centre-Pencil colours will do(They don’t allow any other medium anyway!) And if you are smart enough, you now know that you need to practice using Pencil colours right from the beginning.

It is not only about which colours your fill, it is also about how you render your sketch. So in this particular aspect, your NATA coaching shows you the best way to come up with the most impressive outputs. You can create highly realistic 3-d compositions with pencil colours! Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

Observe, Remember. Observe, Remember…

It may snap you out, but those who have a photographic memory really stand a better chance that you! Ouch, that hurts, right? Fear not- you can also give them a run for their memory- start working on it in your drawing test preparations. Observe everyday details on the street, from the bus, near the parking lane.. just anywhere and everywhere. So when you buy groceries, look around and create a mental photograph. Go back home and try to recreate it on paper. Again, patience and correct guidance is the key here!

Magic Pencil

Only when you start preparing for NATA, do you realize the wonderful ways in which you can master pencil sketching! And you definitely need to pay attention to and have control over influences such as pencil pressure, hatches, shading, strokes and so on.

With these tips, you can improve your drawing test preparations for sure-but with the right NATA coaching, you can score your way to top in the upcoming NATA 2019 Exams!