What is NATA?

NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture. This test measures your aptitude in using a set of questions. NATA  exam makes you eligible for admission to an architecture college. And you attempt these questions in two parts- one objective and other subjective. However, the way to a successful score is through an efficient NATA Exam preparation.

So much about NATA Exam Preparation! Why?

Simple, because the Council of Architecture has a crisp exam pattern for you! As an architect, you will design a lot more than structures and that means you have to polish your reasoning and logical skills. Which also means some engineering, calculations, art and science of architecture and so on. Your opinions and ideas go a long way in deciding how people might end up living their whole lives.

As an architect, your designs do not merely reflect the client’s tastes, but they also have quite a huge amount of sensibility. And specially, in terms of nature around the building. So your aptitude is a critical factor in designing structures. Thus, the COA wants you to be capable enough to carry out your responsibilities as an architect in the best possible way. And how can they judge you better? By your NATA test score.

NATA Exam Preparation

If you look at the spread of topics for you to study, you can understand how important preparation is. There are two ways you can go about it:

Self-study for NATA

This method is successful when you start preparing right from your 10th standard for NATA. For this to happen, you have to be sure of your career ambition. So this way you not only study for your 12th boards but also you prepare side by side. This requires a great amount of focus and planning.

For the aptitude parts, you should gather study materials and mock test sources. You should be disciplined enough to keep it all going according to your plan. And don’t forget the sketching and drawing parts! You have to set some time apart for regular practice in these areas. And you should also recognize your mistakes and work on improving them. Yes, that is a lot of work on your plate!

NATA Coaching

This method is definitely way, way better! Well, to begin with, all that you have to do is decide and study. And that is because all the planning is taken care of by your NATA coaching centre. Also, there are options to choose from. That is, you can enroll for a long duration (One year or more) or a Crash Course( one month) NATA Coaching. And then, there is a huge advantage of preparing under mentors. A good NATA Coaching centre employs experts to teach you the core basics for NATA.

When you train with a leading NATA Coaching Centre, you get a lot of Mock practice tests, valuable guidance and correction and Study material resources. And above all, you learn the art of Time Management.

Advantages of NATA Exam Coaching

To sum up the discussion above, coaching is obviously the better option for NATA Exam preparation. With coaching, you can:

  • Save time while attempting NATA Exam.
  • Sharpen your sketching and drawing skills.
  • Increase your knowledge base for aptitude test.
  • Get a clear picture about NATA Exam pattern.
  • Learn aptitude related portions in a better way.
  • Be sure of scoring high in NATA Examination.

So, do what it takes to make your architecture dream come true. After all, time is precious!